But why?

Some weeks ago I began to ponder on some questions that have left me perturbed.

My thoughts went like this:-

  1. Why do you falsify your age to get a job?
  2. Why do you cheat and spend money on another woman when you’ve got a gorgeous wife and wonderful family who are suffering?
  3. Why do you have to expose your body parts to feel beautiful?
  4. Why did you vote for a rascal instead of a leader? Now your wining?
  5. Why did you rig the election just to become president, when you knew you would be on sick bed half of your tenure?
  6. Why do you live a high and expensive lifestyle when you’re in debt?
  7. Why do you preach prosperity when 90% of your members are poor?
  8. Why do you have to always be on social media the whole day, have you nothing to do?
  9. Why do you post your relationships on social media, is it a self esteem issue or what?
  10. Why are you blaming the kidnappers when your post led them to your family?
  11. Why do we dress so extravagantly to church?
  12. Why do you borrow a new dress, when your wardrobe could start a boutique?
  13. Why do women fake orgasm?
  14. Why do you play music so loud in your car, can’t you afford a hearing aid?
  15. Why are you still in power at 70? Have you no children?
  16. Why do you hire a taxi and sit at the back like he was your driver?
  17. Why do we make pledges we’d cannot redeem?
  18. Why do you wear a wedding ring when you’re not married?
  19. Why did you have a very expensively wedding, only to divorce in a year?
  20. Why did you marry the old man only to date a younger man?
  21. Why did you act like I got the job, only to let me go?
  22. Why did you buy a 12 million Naira car, only to live in a rented apartment?
  23. Why are you living in such an expensive area when you can hardly pay your bills?
  24. Why do you have to take a loan to keep your kids in an expensive school?
  25. Why do you wear very high heel shoes when everyone can see you can’t walk in them?
  26. Why do you wear the fake pregnancy pillow?
  27. Why do you claim you’re married to him, just because you have kids and live together?
  28. Why do you take off your wedding band when going for that meeting?
  29. Why do borrow and refuse to pay back?
  30. Why did you claim you cooked the meal, when you paid a caterer to make it?
  31. Why do you tell everyone you come from a rich home and your parents are  abroad, when they reside in the village?
  32. Why are you in a relationship with her, when you know you won’t marry her?
  33. Why do you have a woman with the body type you dreamed of, and now you have her you want a different type?
  34. Why were you attracted to only big women, but ended up with a smaller figured lady?
  35. Why aren’t you disciplining your children like your parents did, or didn’t you turn out well?
  36. Why was padded bra invented, was it only so women could wear low cleavaged clothes?
  37. Why did you pay for all the drinks at the bar, only to come back home to your starving family?

Written by Sharong.


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