Too late to change: The story of a sober prostitute. Pt 3

By the fifth night, he walked into the room where Fimi was kept and began untying her, he then said  “I’ve broken a passage for you in that vent. Go through it, you’ll find a path on the right, take it to the road. If you know what is good for you, run as fast as you can”. He had pity on her. She thanked him and gave him a hug. “You had better escape before you put me in trouble” he said.

On that same night at about 6pm, Omo bouncer and the gang were now leaving the safe house in their car for some hang out time at a joint on the Island, but were met by traffic. Along the road was a crowd of people gathered at a spot and whispering to each other, whatever was going on there was causing serious traffic on the opposite lane. The kidnappers wondered among themselves what could cause this jam.

Kunle a member of the gang decided to go see for himself, but what he saw shocked him. Just by the gutter was a body lying on the road, head crushed with her tongue bleeding and ankles revealing the bones. The entire body drenched in blood.

An eye witness kept telling whoever cared to listen “it was a hit and run car that did this oh, the guy didn’t even stop”. Another eye witness said ” I’ve never seen this kind of thing before, if I didn’t see it when it happened, I would have said it was a trailer, but it was just a saloon car”. Kunle slowly walked back to their car. The guys asked what was going on over there, he replied “Guys what I saw now is terrible. A body is lying on the road, with her head crushed and different parts of her body damaged , its like a trailer ran over her. The girl is dead.

He sighed and then said “Abeg, Omo bouncer who let that girl we held hostage go”? Omo bouncer asked “which girl”?  “The girl in your care nah. That Fimi girl is the one lying dead there” Kunle replied.

Omo bouncer said no word. He quickly got out of the car to see for himself. As he stood over her corpse, with one hand over his mouth and the other on his waist, he said with dismay “Uzo ojô adigí akwu, Chei! He sighed “Oginí Kam meré? (A bad road doesn’t pay, oh! What have I done”?)


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