Too late to change; The story of a sober prostitute. Pt 2

Back at Koge safe house, Kunle opened the door, and greeted the visitor. She was the Madam who had ordered the kidnapping of Fimi. “Where is she? Indiana asked. Omo bouncer replied “follow me”. They walked into a red lightning room, which was dark and without ventilation.

Fimi was hanging upside down from a pipe, blindfolded. She looked terrible from all the beatings she had received upon her arrival.

Indiana walked into the room and asked “What are you doing with my husband Fimi? Why would you go out with another woman’s husband? She paused and began again, “Do you remember me calling you in July, begging you to stay away from him? Instead you insulted me and even asked i send my account number to you, so you can forward some money to me for my children’s upkeep.

I have not seen my husband in 2weeks and it’s because of you. In case you didn’t know, i’m aware he’s staying at the apartment he bought for you here in Ekpe, isn’t that where you were driving to? Hmmm, by the time I’m through with you, you’ll be sorry to have been born in my time”.

With tears running from her eyes, Fimisola said “Ah ma, it’s not me o, I am Fimisola from Akure o, my parents are traders, I am the only girl child; please. She continued to beg and blab, denying the accusation. When nobody responded Fimi then said ” Ma, please im sorry for dating your husband. Fred came to me, I…didn’t want it at first. I’m sorry please I won’t see him again, it was a terrible mistake. I’ll cut off all ties to him. He is all yours now, please don’t kill me. I’m in school ma, please”. She sobbed and wept the more.

Indiana with anger said “the oracle bear witness to the statements I make today, Fimisola Abigail Agbaje your end will be miserable, you will not in any form or shape be happy, you will never have a husband of your own, no matter how you try. If you manage to hold onto a man, another woman will take him from you. I curse you today”. Indiana had tears in her eyes, her chest felt tight. The pain she felt was deep and seemed to increase.
As she was leaving the safe house, she handed the kidnappers a fat envelope. It was the balance of the deal. “Keep her for another 2 weeks” she said as they shook hands.

On the fourth night, her usual meal was brought to her; a plate of bread and boiled egg without tea. Fimi began to beg the haggard looking man who kept watch over her “please have mercy on me, i am in this condition because of how bad things are in this forsaken country, a girl has to survive. My university education was on the line, if I hadn’t gotten a means of staying in school, I could kiss my degree good bye, I beg you, please”. Omo bouncer hissed and looked away.

To be continued.

Written by Sharong


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