Too late to change; The story of a sober prostitute. Pt 1

As she drove about a mile into Ekpe, she discovered a car was tailing her. This particular car has been following her through turns and change of gears; it was clear something was up.

Twenty kilometers down the road, the car overtook hers; Fimi saw four guys step out of the car and began walking towards her. but before they could get closer, she ran into the bush. They chased after her, shouting “stop there, I will shoot you”. Fimi still running, turned back and asked them what they wanted, but got no response, she then kept her pace up. “What does it take to have some peace in my life for heavens sake” Fimi asked herself as she continued to run. After running for about ten minutes, they caught up with you, pushed her to the floor and carried her.

“So you have talent to run like this and you couldn’t join the team to win medals for Nigeria in the Olympics, it is to run after married man you have chosen to do, Olodo (foolish girl). By the time we are done with you, when you see a married man, you will run for your life” they said.

She began crying profusely and begging. They carried her and dumped her in the trunk of their car and sped off. They were taking her to the safe house. Fimi though with a tape over her mouth and a blindfold, kept shouting and kicking the trunk.

She was in trouble. The kind the water in Chinese chili soup will be experiencing when put on a stove. These were no ordinary men, these were kidnappers.

About a year ago, Indiana on her wedding night stripped naked before her husband, not to seduce him really but to say this “Fred, if you think that after 20 years of marriage or even more you would not want this body or me anymore, and would go out and cheat on me, please tell me now, let’s end it here and now”.

Fred on that night assured her she had nothing to fear. He also promised that if he failed, let his life be miserable. How could he cheat on her, this was their wedding night and Indiana was the most beautiful woman he’d ever seen. She was well cultured and to cap it all, she was still a virgin in her late 20s. He was a blessed man.

To be continued.


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