Deep healing for the broken hearted

Have you been heart broken by someone you love, trusted or loved? Have you felt like, you can’t get over the hurt?

Did you know hurt is a natural weakness for mankind? We cannot hide from it or be too careful not to fall into the category of those who hurt others. We ourselves have hurt people, and so have they.

The tough truth is no matter your status or age you cannot be emotionally mature for marriage or a new relationship if you haven’t gotten over the emotional pain of the past.

Many people have even come to the point of denial; this however is not the best approach to dealing with a broken heart. Whilst others have made concluding statements like “I am going to live with this pain for the rest of my life”.

Why choose to live with the pain and hurt when you can be healed of it? A broken heart can be healed. Healing for a broken heart is like taking medication for a pain or disease prescribed by a Doctor. 

The healing journey can be intense. However you need to experience healing in order to love and live joyfully. If you haven’t been healed on the inside, you cannot love on the inside. Like the popular saying goes “How can you give what you don’t have”? Healing brings about change and change comes when you want it desperately.

When you come to the place of wanting healing then you are at the place of change. Healing is free; it can only be gotten through the creator of life. He created the heart so who best to have a cure, right?

The creator of Life is more than a friend and father. He is God. He cares so deeply about you and wants to take off that pain and burden off your heart.

You can start by simply saying “Dear Father, I want you to help me with this pain, my heart is broken I can’t mend it on my own. I can’t seem to forgive (call the name or names).  I want to experience healing, this I ask in Jesus Christ name, Amen“. It’s done beloved.
It is such a beautiful feeling when you experience the touch of God upon your heart, it’s like cold waters’ been poured on you; only you can describe it.

Why not push the reset button today. Healing is possible.


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