Steady and Steadfast in 2017

Every man is tempted by his own lust.

When he’s tempted two things will happen. His Lust will give birth to sin and Sin when it is finished will give birth to death.

You must understand that there are seasons in life when it seems you are walking instead of running. Those are seasons when your strength is tested the most. Most of you look at your present state, and think, “oh things are not working like they should. Why Is my life not taking off like i planned”? Often times, we are drawn to look back at our past and the pleasures we enjoyed, other times we envy what others have or even relish the thought of compromise.

But the hard truth is, If you fail in the day of adversity your strength is small, in order words you are an inferior specimen. The inferior specimen, says to God, “Lord I don’t want the test, Lord just carry me on your wings”. But we forget, that for you to move unto the next class or next level in life, you must first pass the test. The times of adversity are the times you seemingly fought God,because you taught he wasn’t there. Those times when Bible reading slipped or the times you got into the flesh.

The test of our own faithfulness is when it looks like God is not there. The scripture says even when it seems He is not faithful, He is still faithful. If you wait long enough you will find God in that situation. He was never out of the picture. God is ever watching. When it looks like you will fall, trust me, He will lift you up.

There will be times you have to walk but God will not allow you to faint. It is just the like situation of a mother who drops the child in her cradle for a minute. The child cries like he was forsaken or abandoned, but we all know, the mother doesn’t hate her child even though he’s crying. The fact is she’s still there and she still loves him.

Remember this –Your circumstances should never be the premise of your belief.

If God arrays the lilies of the field, that are here today and gone tomorrow; how then do you think He will go wrong with you? Don’t you think you are more precious than the lilies?

Is your situation bigger than God? Why not cast your cares on Him? Paul and Silas were singing and praising God in the prison, and the Bible records that the prison gates opened. One man named Job, said “though He slays me, I will praise him”. Can you glorify God in your difficult situation, knowing that He is with you? Whether to rescue you or not?

Learn to confess the word of God. To confess means to side with God, learn to sing Gods praises. Get into the habit of signing. Sing and make melody in your heart, even if you haven’t got a good voice, there’s somebody in heaven who listens to you when you sing. In that storm you are facing, sing and dance, for change is coming. Sing today.

Dear Lord give me strength to know you are here to see me through. Lord help me to be reassured of your presence. Lord, sometimes I feel I’m walking alone. Help me to grow and be reassured. I can’t do this of my own and so Lord by faith I’m thanking you for your presence. By faith I thank you for being there. Amen.

Written by Sharong


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