What Men Want-Hardcore

Most readers look for grammar in writings.  They enjoy the complexities of the English language and thrive on the fact that readers will pick up a dictionary just to understand the write-up or article.

Well I am not one for big grammar. I prefer to speak in plain English,  after all English isn’t my mother’s tongue.

If only I knew how to write in my native language, then you will witness action scenes were other languages shut their ears and have their mouths open in awe.  Anyways back to my article.

First and foremost, understand that Men are very easy people.  Give them these three and you’ve got a peaceful relationship and home.

1. Men want respect: Respect in everything.  It’s that simple. I did not say,  “be a dummy”. I mean,  you know like he knows that you have a right,  but you put it aside for him to have his way.

You don’t argue with him or embarass him on any occasion. You keep his ego intact,  no belittling or rolling your eyes and all.  Just respect him.  Later on, I’ll be telling you a secret.

2. Submit: Submission isn’t something women were born with.  It doesn’t in any form shape or style come natural for us.  That’s the reason God put it in His holy book,  “Wives submit”.

It is an incredibly amazing advise yet difficult to perform.  When you submit as a woman you reap bountiful harvest you didn’t even work for in that relationship.

3. Sex: ohh yeah!  No man can go for long,  without sex, especially when he is married.

As women this is your obligation in your marriage.

It may interest you to know that, pregnancy or breastfeeding, menopause or mensturation, or even holiness doesn’t change your responsibility to your man in this regard.

Give him sex, and if he enjoys it more? Finish him with it.

Sex is a necessity to keep your man and your marriage. Spice it up as often as you can,  and you’ll keep looking rejuvegated and revitalized.

Good sex,  is good living. However,  remember to refuel your body with healthy foods and drinks.

These are the three needs of men.

Finally, no amount of sex positions, whether it be,  Jason Bourne, kamasultra,  Jackie Chan or Ting from Prado styles (Unbak the movie), can replace a man’s Greatest need for RESPECT . No delicasy, recipe and hardwork can compete with it. Respect is the ultimate food to a man’s heart.  This is the secret.

You have the power now to enjoy your man and your relationship. So go girl!!!

Written by Sharong


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