Don’t judge a book by it’s cover

I often wonder what it takes for a man to ask a girl out. How much of gut-fueling they have to do? How they feel when they are turned down?

The female gender has been somehow blessed with the impetus to turn down men, all praise to our generous creator. 

Some weeks ago, a friend of mine came by the house and narrated her ordeal at a supermarket that morning. She spoke with so much vexation, that i wondered if i was ready for tales of woe.

On  that morning Lucia went to shop for groceries but while at the store, a young man walked up to her trying to make her acquaintance.

He pestered her about her name and number, this guy really wanted  to have lunch with her on that faithful day. Lucia described the guy as unkept, irritating and below standards;  what had he to offer? she had asked herself. Lucia who had just bagged her 2nd MBA from University of London, was classy, gorgeous…


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