The dangers of Offence

Eva, a faithful wife, mother and christian had been so committed to helping her community and family find God. She remembers how it all happened that day. Driving on her own lane on the major road, and suddenly a car from no where brushed her new 1995 convertible benz. She was lucky to make it out unhurt.

The squabble that day, had caused traffic on Allen Avenue. Despite the call by drivers for them to take their quarel somewhere else so the road could be free flowing again, both parties never moved.

Eva still remembers the man who scratched her vehicle 3 years after, but only now; it was on her dying bed.  This was naija what else could one do, since she didn’t know anything about insurance.

One sunday morning, the preacher had spoken on forgiveness, taking his text from John the gospel. He had talked about how Christ died for us, though we didn’t deserve His forgiveness or love. Eva, remembered that rude and calous man who couldn’t give a damn about anybody. He was part of the reason the world was so bad, Eva said to herself while the preacher spoke. She often wished him evil.

Months later, she lay on the hospital bed critically ill after been diagnosed of Cancer of the mouth, Eva was lucky to have Pius her husband and her Parish pastor, praying for her recovery. Pastor Timi then said something that made her cry. Eva wept sore, she kept crying, the tears wouldn’t stop; she then spoke “No No, i can’t do that”.

“Had he no eyes? He couldn’t even apologise. He is the reason the world is ugly. Not even an apology, or a help with my car. The damage did cost my husband 70,000 naira , which we hadly had, I could have lost my life. I cannot forgive him, he is Evil”.

You know, often times, we are offended by people , most especially those closest to us.

Offence comes from the greek word-Skandalon which means a trap or snare. A trap is always hidden.

A man who is offended doesn’t realize that he is offended and imprisoned. Offence is a trap.

What is a trap? It is a snare, cage or prison. The animal cant move, or  be free. He is trapped. The wisest man that ever lived told us so in Prov 18:19

When you are offended you lock yourself in a walled city. You are imprisoned. This is the reason why you feel lonely, withdrawn, avoiding relationships and interactions. Offence will lock out the blessing, it locks out your help.

Causes of Offence

  1. Selfishness: It’s all about you and you alone.
  2. High expectations: High expectations from people around us, especially those closest to us. Did you know that the major reason you are offended is because; you are always thinking people owe you something. We always think people are existing because of us.
  3. Impatience: We are not patient with eachother. Something happened and you can’t even wait to hear both sides of the matter, you quickly take the position of the Judge and jury.
  4. Deception: Offence leads to deception. A state where you don’t believe you can be wrong.

Bear in mind, offence if not curbed and handled can be dangerous to even your life.

Stages of Offence

  1. Offence-trap/snare
  2. Hatred-wicked feeling
  3. Betrayal-abandoned relationship
  4. Deception-I am right, even when you are wrong
  5. Separation-isolation/avoidance
  6. Death

Read Matthew 24:10

Did you know:  when you are holding somebody down, automatically you are down also? Try pressing someone down, you will see what i mean. So also is Offence. Both of you are imprisoned, in the cage of offence.

Every offended man/woman is surrounded by a stronghold, he doesn’t know it.

Here is a cheat: When Satan tries to magnify the wrong doing of somebody, immediately cast it down. That way you break the stronghold.

You are a child of destiny, whose purpose in life cannot be slowed or ended because of offence.

I leave you with this:

The Holy bible says : Offence must surely come, but you know Christ says we are more than conqueror. So, don’t be surprised when they do, instead be like … “oh whatever, do what you want, i am not fallen for that trap”.

Refuse to be entrapped today. Freedom is sweet!

Written by Godson




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