5 reasons why you are still single

It is really okay to ask yourself some questions sometimes. Often times, beautiful ladies have asked “what’s still keeping me single? I’ve done this and that, yet i am only played, used, dumped and even betrayed”.

The reasons are simple! However, if any one seems too difficult to do, that my friend is the stronghold; and there is no moving forward when you’ve got a stronghold. You ready? let’s go!

1. You are the hunter: If you desire to be married, especially to a good man; stop hunting. Stop hunting, means cease from looking for a man to date you or be with you. Every man likes to hunt. He never takes anything he never hunted for, seriously. He likes to be the one to chase you like he would hunt for an animal. He gets pride from hunting not being the hunted.


2. Open legs:  A hunter enjoys his kill, when he’s wanted it for so long and suffered to get it. When you give sex to a man freely, cheaply, your reward will be cheap. Wanna get married? Keep those legs closed.

The kill is sweeter and lasts longer when  there’s a price to pay.


3. Night crawler specimen: A lot of women have never thought,  night crawling is the quickest way to keep you single for life. If you still love to party and hang out every night or weekends, you are miles away from starting that dream life with that special someone. Stop “crawling or running” at night


4. Open relationship: Most women have used the word ” open relationship” for pride reasons or whatever. That phrase alone is a ticking bomb, with a tag ” i am still enjoying my life, ill be ready when you are taken.


4. Multiple relationships: This simply means ” i wanna enjoy all the attention and when my brain is very confused, the men around me will one day leave me and my crazy self”.

When you find that good man, focus babe!


5. Daft and beautiful:  A dull brain is a turn off.  Learn something new, anything! Even if you dont understand something, ask questions. 70% of men are drawn towards a woman that’s got beauty and brains.


Written by Sharong


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