The role of a woman in our economy

Did you know that 70% of Nigerian women live below the poverty line?  The other day, I heard women calling on a radio show to complain about the hike in price of food stuff in the market, the increase in poverty, crimes in our society and unemployment.

Did you know that instead of complaining you can do something about it? But, “What can I do”? You ask.

A woman can do much. Oh yes she can! The Nigerian woman must keep aside the hunt for white color job and seek entrepreneurial ventures, if she must play her role today. As a woman you are an embodiment of wisdom and potential. You can change the situation with little or no cash. I have listed few ways to accomplish that.

  1. Catering- if you know how to cook hygienically and have a good space, open a small eatery at home, you can call it “Home-made delicacy” or whatever you choose. You can also make a complementary card and share to friends telling them about your home restaurant.
  2. Resale your home videos- a lot of women watch Nigerian movies and have a pile of it, that is enough to open a small shop. Look for a video store that accepts resale, and sell it to them for some cash.
  3. Baby sit- if you love kids, this will come easy for you.  You can baby- sit kids for parents who are very busy. You can agree on an hourly pay. This is good money.
  4. Plant crops: As a woman you can plant some crops in your backyard. Crops like spinach (ugu), waterleaf, bitter leaf, tomatoes, pepper and fruits can grow on anyone’s backyard. If you don’t have access to a good backyard, plant in paint buckets, they are everywhere; your crops will grow as well. Venturing into agriculture saves you from spending much at the market, saves your family from hunger and poverty and you can even sell them to traders.
  5. Turn your skills to a money venture: if you’ve got skills for example, typing skills, communicating skills, counseling skills, interior decoration, whatever it is, turn it into a money making venture. Let people pay you for your services.
  6. Turn your talent into cash: if you’ve got talent, there are numerous platforms to shine, simply search on Google, you’ll find something; could be a talk shows or contest to showcase your talent for free to earn some money in return.
  7. Start a mobile kiddie’s library: if you love books, this is a great way to make a positive impact. Simply get a vehicle which will be a moving library for children’s books. Especially during the holidays, kids can come out, register with you and pick a book to read and return to you in some days.  You are encouraging a reading culture for a better tomorrow.
  8. Popcorn/ pastry business: Did you know you can make popcorn right from your kitchen and sell to stores, shops, malls, schools etc. simply get a sealing machine and your ingredients and you’re good to go. But first learn how to make it well.
  9. Remember to save:  Save, save save. Ignore the urge to engage in impluse buying. Whatever you are craving now, will be old school in a couple of months. Save and save.

A better tomorrow starts with a better woman. Stop sitting idle. Do something today.


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