Apology my foot

Apology my foot was the last thing he said and walked out of the office. Kola a 34years old Banker had taken enough at his work place and would have it no more. “Goodnight and see you tomorrow” were the words of Aderonke to him as she left one Wednesday night. Kola and his desk had become office buddies for over 2years now.  Was this a repetition of the movie Horrible Bosses?  He asked himself. Even if it were, he was determined to be smarter and faster than 3 of those guys put together. As he sat down he had a flash back of how he had submitted his 12 paper report and got a grin as acknowledgement of receipt.

Later that night, Titi had heard him drive into the garage and waited patiently for him to come in, but was met with “I’m off to bed.”  She gave him time to relax and afterwards asked what the matter was. He didn’t hesitate to pour out in fury his tale of woe. She tried to calm him down by dishing his favorite meal, but he would have none of it.

The following morning “Kola Kola…where is this man, can somebody call me Kola there” were the words of Mr. Fredrick Murray, Kola’s boss. About half an hour later, people passing by wondered what was going on in there, as noises eloped from the closed blinds. Kola stood there, exhausted from the shouts and spittle splashing all over his face.

Kola, then spoke “Mr. Fredrick I have worked for this company for over 8years, and I’ve gotten 2 promotions to show for it. He continued “Hmmm… I’ve worked for you day and night, I am the last to leave and the first to come, you have insulted me more than my Father ever did and you are not my father. You have humiliated me and even taken credit for the good jobs I’ve done just because you are my superior, but you see it is either the devil is using you or you are the devil himself. And if you are the devil let me assure you that I am ready for you”.

His boss stood mouth agape for almost 2 minutes as Kola kept going with his anger. Mr. Fredrick playing what he had just heard finally spoke “… Kola, if you don’t apologize now, write a written note and copy top management, I will ensure that you are relieved of your job and remain jobless in this state”.

Kola couldn’t believe what his boss was telling him, but he was determined, IT HAD TO BE TODAY. He quickly made his way to storm out of the office, when Stella the secretary who was eavesdropping stopped him halfway out the door, urged him to apologize and Kola replied vehemently “Apology MY FOOT”. The office was quiet like a graveyard after witnessing the just ended drama.

He then got into his Honda saloon car and sped off, as he drove these words began interrupting the anger flow in his brain “Kola you know our rent is almost due, my mother’s hospital bills have not been paid, Philip is in the special school that’s so expensive, we can’t afford to lose this job, please bear with them, don’t quit yet. Next year you can leave them, but for now hang in there, don’t quit my darling please”, Titi had said to him lastnight.

Kola who was driving home now drove past the house, with thoughts flooding his mind; his heart was heavy, his chest about to explode. What was he to do now; he can’t go home to a worried wife and kids, that was a no go area; for now at least.


What would you have done if you were Kola? Would you have acted differently?

Wriiten by Sharong


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