This is not broadcasting

What is it with OAPS these days? Is it just me or are they getting rude, mean and weirdly irritable each passing day? The other day I was listening to one of the big radio stations in my city and surprisingly, I found myself getting pissed off and talking aloud, as though I was speaking to someone. This wasn’t me going nuts or anything u might be thinking of. This was me listening to this OAP ladies speaking rudely to callers on their show. I said to myself, is it because someone was lucky enough to bare SISTER EMPLOYEE or to get him or her job that warrants this kind of arrogance? Or is it the economy of my great nation that is driving people nuts? Or is the sun ray to hot that it’s affecting the brain? Or is it hunger? Or is this a rub off from superiors at where they work?  My goodness gracious (like my friend would say), somebody’s got to talk to these OAPs, because this is not broadcasting neither is it communication.


Written by SharongThis is not broadcasting


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