She woke up on this day fine. Leaping excitedly as she strolled to his house after she baded the taxi driver goodbye. Little did she know, today July 2nd will be her last. If she knew, perhaps she would have stayed a bit longer at home or better still hang out with her friends. The heavy bang on the metal door of Mr & Mrs Okocha’s house alerted everyone, as Nene went to see who it was that wanted to pull the door down. The stranger said, “are your parents home?” Her mother found her way to the door ” yes how can i help you’? Pls follow me ma, i am very sorry , please be strong”, were the words of the stranger. Mrs Okocha called her husband who rushed out to join her with this stranger and neighbours to NO. 12 Ferry street, Lagos.

To the shock and scare of all , was 20years old Violet soaked in blood. She was dead. Not killed by bullets, sickness, nor accident but by a knife which she used to stab herself.

The story was, Violets boyfriend said he dint love her anymore and ended the relationship.


Cloud of sorrow, pain, tears, anger and confusion filled the air. What was this?

Violet gone at 20 for the sake of a boy? What could this boy have given her that life couldnt?

Is death so precious that it is worth ones life?

Here in Africa, specifically the igbo culture in Nigeria, i heard when you kill yourself you are not buried. There is no funeral rite or anything. Nobody is troubled with your corpse. In otherwords, you are treated like an animal. Thrown into the wood. And most importantly in Christianity we know for sure , as the bible has told us; you are going to hell without any delay or protocol.

Dearie,  LIFE is beautiful. You may not have all it takes to be all you want to be, but enjoy LIFE, it is a gift. You are the envy of someone. Dont give up, nobody is worth your LIFE. LIVE i say, LIVE!

Wriiten by Sharong




2 thoughts on “Suicide

  1. So true @ life is beautiful. Enjoy it. This is a thought provoking article which puts the spotlight on a topic (suicide) which is often ignored in our part of the world. The tell tale signs of depression and heart ache are sometimes missed by family and friends until it is too late. Kudos for shedding some light on this issue.


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