The place of the wicked counselor in your recovery

Have you ever felt like something was wrong with you? Like… something is wrong somewhere? or something is wrong with the world? Well, for me it was for sure. I knew something was wrong somewhere. I have read books about it and listened to preachers say it, but tonight it was different. I knew it was real tonight when the preacher mounted the pulpit and declared the title of the message as ” The place of the Wicked Counselor in your recovery”. She took her text from Nah 1:11. You need to read that passage. “Who is your counselor” was the most troubling question on my mind. If you search deep and think well, you will realize that the hand of a counselor has always been upon your life. Hey, WAIT! don’t look far. The one that made you take those awful steps? The one day made you quit that job, just because your boss dint act right? The one that caused you to abort that baby and now you cry desperately for another? The wicked counselor who caused that wonderful woman or man to walk away from you? i could go on and on, but you know it all. I know you may have had people that counselled you wrongly or deliberately did you wrong, but wait, what about the counselor inside you? I mean ‘YOURSELF’? YOU!!! That thing inside you that made you say or do things that have made you regret and hate life. Isn’t the wicked counselor inside you? Hmmmm… You can decide today like i did, to stop the activity of the WICKED COUNSELOR NOW by deciding to deal with it in prayers. Only then can recovery come!


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